Scratch's Nest


Bendemere Homestead and Packard

Sadly I ran it to the groud

Triumph Herald first car

Suedo four wheel drive

Volkswaggon beetle .. I litterally lived in it

Fiat 124 ... real driving

The old man loved his as well

We still have this but its not a runner

Terios ... a bit underpowered

but a step up from the VW

 This replaced the first one after a bump

Honda prelude - best car in the world

Toyota Turcell ...traded it not the most reliable.

It corners faster than I am game to try

The ostrich is unbelievably fast as well

Oriti Beach - Southland has great driving roads

The Mckensie is extremely fast when the cops have gone home

Unfortunately I live in Canterbury .. the worst area to drive in the South Island. The roads are straight and  surfaces are atrocious. I've yet to have a speeding ticket, dont have radar and blat round like a maniac on meth ... dont worry, i'll get my come uppance eventually.