Scratch's Nest

 I used to be contemptuous of little dogs.

They seemed to have little character, always yap, and have an inferiority complex. I had a red setter for twelve or so years ... a real dog and when he passed away nothing could replace him

When I first met  Daddy Dog ( Farsi ) I was asked to mind him for a few minutes while his owner unloaded her car. He somehow slipped my attention and promptly sneaked away into a neighbouring property.

I subsequently learnt  he was an escape artist. Digging holes under her small townhouse backyard fence to roam free, or just quietly vanishing if given the slightest chance.

My friend Jun purchased him on a whim from a pet shop for $800 as a little pup, but he grew up fast and was bored with his inner city confinement. Jun however loved the mutt ferociously ... If only she loved me a fraction of that, I lamented. 

It was clear after several years of ‘courting’ that this Thai lady and I were never going to be an item, but that didn’t stop me trying absolutely anything to get close. She was like an amazing loveable  witch and I was totally under her spell.

So when Jun asked me to mind her mutt I didn’t hesitate. he’s so intelligent and  understanding she would say ..." yea right" I muttered to myself. The little fellow went ape in the country ... running off into the Wairiri stream neverlands  for hours on end, but he always returned.

Part Bichon he was loyal, happy to follow me everywhere, yet he never forgot his mum, always so pleased to see her ( as was I ). But it is the Shih Tzu that gave him character. He was a proud little man fearless of man or beast, and would take anything in his stride. It’s funny ... Jun is exactly the same except her ravishing beauty holds a little more allure.

We purchased a little girl Bichon / Poodle ’Ice’ from Oxford. The old timer on the farmlet who bred them had a homely Asian partner ... not half as devastatingly lovely as Jun .. but I was so jealous of him ... I saw two lucky lucky people. “these dogs like chasing rabbits in the riverbeds best of all ...they can be toys if you like but their heart is in the hunt” 

How true ... my little pack scour the countryside, riverbeds, and forests like wolves on steroids. Occasionally they luck out, catch a hare before it runs, or a possum away from his tree. They eat them in no time, skin and all if they catch a young one. Homing instincts are great, no worries about them getting lost ... although I still fret after an hour awol  in the big forests. 

The Shih Tzu story is amazing. Buddha had one ( i think ) ... indeed there is something spiritual about them. I believe it when they are said to have hunted lions in packs ... you should see the way they look at pussycats. ( Andrea's is best friends with her cat ... they can learn )


Eventually the dogs migrated to China where they found favour with the nobility. During Chairman Mao’s murderous reign they got the chop as well. Only fouteen  survived, spirited to England by someone obviously very courageous and forward thinking ... I would love to know that tale.

Jun has been away in the North Island for several years now. I so wish she would come back and see her man and his children, she would be so proud. A dozen or so of Farsi’s offspring have gone to homes in Canterbury, and every owner loves them to bits.


Its funny yes, there are so many ways to spread love in this world. One ladys impulse whim , can affect so much down the line. And that is just a drop in the bucket of what Jun has given the world ... her story is mind bogglingly unbelievable ... incredible. I will try tell it one day if it’s the last thing I do.










 Bichon / Shih tzu